The Library Ballroom

at the Old Macon Library

The Library Ballroom is the perfect place to host your next event, be it a wedding, reception, anniversary party, corporate or private party, a conference, seminar, concert or show. The venue lends it's beauty to all functions!

Refundable Damage Deposit


Refundable Damage Deposit


ALL ONLINE/CREDIT/DEBIT PAYMENTS INCLUDE A 5% PROCESSING FEE. To avoid processing fee, please contact the venue manager to make a payment with cash/check. 

A refundable Damage Deposit of $500 is due 90 days prior to the event. The Damage Deposit will be refunded within 15 business days after conclusion of the event, unless The Library Ballroom is not left in the same or similar condition as it was prior to Renter’s entry and use of the premises.  In the event that repair and/or excessive cleaning are needed, the Damage Deposit will be applied to those cost, and Renter will be responsible for any deficiencies.

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